"Coming Clean" by Meriah Crawford

One of the main characters in my story is a woman named Andrea. She was inspired by a good friend with whom I used to teach, who was kind enough to let me use her real name in this story. Andrea is smart, determined, kind, funny, and a lot of other very good things, and we've taken some great trips together over the years. Neither of us ever shy away from adventure—like the time we went driving off into the wilderness of Belize, in a sketchy car with a sketchy local dude at the wheel, in search of monkeys. Though it turned out he didn't know where the sanctuary (http://www.howlermonkeys.org/) was, he found it. The monkeys were amazing! And the guy turned out to be a great guide—and very pleased to see the monkeys, too. It's one of many memories Andrea and I both treasure.

So, one time when I sat down to write, I found myself thinking, what if Andrea and I headed out on a road trip together and something went wrong. Really, really wrong. What could it be? Well, I can't say much more about the story without spoiling things, but I will say that if I ever had to experience something like what happens to them, Andrea is one of a very small list of people I'd want to be there with me. (Though, I'm sure she'll have mixed emotions about reading that.) :-)

I hope you enjoy the story, and visit my website (below) for more of my work!

Meriah Crawford is a writer, an editor, an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, and a private investigator. She has also been a horseback riding instructor, library page, programmer, prepress tech, graphic designer, technical editor, software tester, systems analyst, program manager, and has even been paid to put M&Ms into little baggies for bingo.

Meriah’s published writing includes short stories, poetry, and a variety of scintillating non-fiction work. For more information, please visit www.meriahcrawford.com.