"Bikes, Boats and Berries" by Lee Wells

“Bikes, Boats and Berries” is set on the Jamestown/Scotland ferry. While my story starts on the Jamestown side of the river, the ferry is key to the setting.

The story follows FBI IT Tech, Allison Mitchell, as she attempts to enjoy a quiet day off. As she soon discovers things don’t always work out the way you plan.                           

The ferry has always held a fascination for me. A trip across the river to the Jamestown side is like traveling back in time. As the ferry approaches the Jamestown wharf you catch glimpses of the recreated ships and Jamestown settlement. They offer hints of the historical treasures hidden in the surrounding woods.                                

Of the four ferries that service the route, the Virginia remains my favorite. While the oldest and smallest of the fleet, it is the only one with an open observation deck. There is something special about standing at the railing, as the ferry glides over the water. I promise it will bring a smile to your face.

Lee A. Wells is a native of Southeastern Virginia and resides there with her husband. Raised on a hardy diet of Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, and Stephen King, she loves a good mystery, especially if there is a dash of horror tossed in for flavor.  She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Central Virginia Chapter. Find Lee on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and flyingmeerkatcreations.wordpress.com/events/.