"Cape Charles Coffee Caper" by Yvonne Saxon

One of my favorite coffee mugs is emblazoned with "I don't have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without it." It was a gift. (from someone who knows me very well!)  It was actually a search for coffee that led to the idea for "The Cape Charles Coffee Caper."  While on vacation, my sister and I went out for a day of shopping, thinking that we'd find a little coffee shop and have breakfast first. We drove. And drove. We passed on the gas station mini-mart coffee knowing that surely, in this quaint little tourist town, there would be good coffee somewhere. We were wrong. We kept driving. We finally gave up our silly notion of a nice hot breakfast and pulled into the first shopping center with a grocery store that we saw. There would be cold caffeine drinks at least. (If you've never had a coffee headache, you probably wouldn't understand) As we parked, my sister noticed a storefront that said "Pie and Coffee."

We were saved! So I took some ideas from the coffee shop trip, put them together with a question, (who brings the coffee to out of the way coffee shops?) added a couple of colorful characters, a crime, and there was the story.

Cape Charles City on the Eastern Shore is a remote but beautiful location, as well as a favorite tourist destination with great coffee shops! (None of which even remotely resemble the coffee shop in the story, by the way!)