"Within This Circle" Ken Wingate

“WITHIN THIS CIRCLE” is set at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In my story, Charles Worthington is certain he will obtain the promotion he has so long desired. When he doesn't, a succession of four deaths and an exposed love affair plunge him toward a path of self-destruction.

When I decided to write a murder mystery to submit to the local chapter of Sisters in Crime, my palette was totally empty. My friend Judy suggested the idea of MOCA. The concept of having a murder mystery originate in a highly regarded arts museum inspired me. The story came together quickly as I began assembling the characters. They were to be of the upper-class of Virginia Beach. The CEO of the financial company in the story would be an art enthusiast, so MOCA was his first choice of venue for its annual celebration. The main characters lived in the upscale neighborhood of Bay Colony. This would be a murder among some of the most affluent citizens of Virginia Beach, so MOCA was the perfect location. Its beauty and elegance strongly contrasts to the ugliness of jealousy and revenge captured within the paragraphs of the story.

Ken Wingate writes short stories, poems, reflections, and songs that are shared in performances, recordings, and messages. Ken worked in the music retail business for thirty years and returned to his hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia to focus on writing. When not creating in his writing room, Ken enjoys movies, music, and red rock mountains. Ken would like to express his deepest gratitude to Judy Morgan for believing in him then and now, for being his greatest inspiration, and for encouraging his creative nature. A toast, to a most perfect and ideal love! Follow Ken on www.kenwingate.com, Facebook, and Twitter.