"A Colonial Grave" by Kristin Kisska

My short story, “A Colonial Grave”, is a dual-narrative mystery set in Colonial Williamsburg. The location was an easy decision for me as it had been an annual summer travel destination for my family, ever since I was a little girl.


My memories are graced with the clip-clop of horse-drawn carriages, tour guides dressed in traditional colonial outfits, church bells ringing, and long strolls down Duke of Gloucester Street while licking melty ice cream cones.


On one particularly memorable visit, I made a pair of hand dipped candles in a vat of melted beeswax at the Brush-Everard House. This was an experience I’d hoped to share with my children. Over the years, however, the candle dipping shop had been repurposed as research indicated it hadn’t been a traditional occupation in Colonial Williamsburg. To counteract my disappointment, I memorialized the lost art candle dipping by including it in my short story.


A couple summers ago, while visiting Colonial Williamsburg with my children, we stumbled upon an active archeological dig site, one I later learned is an ongoing collaboration between the College of William & Mary’s Archaeology Field School and Colonial Williamsburg. Though the area had been roped off, visitors could observe and chat with the archeologists. They even displayed the bits of brick, pottery and glass they’d excavated.

My muse inspired me as I watched people sift through colonial dirt. What if an archeology student had excavated a bone? And better yet, what if the bone belonged to the victim of a cold case murder?

My mystery, “A Colonial Grave”, can be found on page 92 of Virginia is for Mysteries: Volume II. Enjoy!


Author bio:

Kristin Kisska used to be a finance geek, complete with MBA and Wall Street pedigree. A member of Sisters in Crime, Kristin is now a self-proclaimed fictionista. Her short stories can be found in the mystery anthologies: Murder Under the Oaks and Virginia is for Mysteries- Volume II. When not writing suspense novels, she can be found Tweeting @KKMHOO or on her website~ KristinKisska.com. Kristin lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and three children.