"Murder in the Name of Love" Debbiann Holmes

When asked to write this blog, it made me think back to my childhood where my love for writing began. It wasn't writing, at first, that grew the love of the craft; rather it was the love of transforming myself into a different world as a different person. My earliest recognition of it was after I watched the movie Heidi. I took the part of the crippled girl, Clara, acting out my own scene by falling out of a make believe wheelchair and dragging myself down the hallway, escaping something or someone. My mother, seeing me drag myself, instantly became alarmed until I explained I was playing a part in my own made up movie. My imagination grew to include childhood friends playing out characters and situations of many stories I created. Little did I know the love of creating people, places, and situations would grow into the craft of writing. As I grew older, I threw that love into reading and watching movies. It's the escape and the ability to experience different live styles that made me finally decide to put pen to paper. 

While living on a boat located at Ocean Marine in Portsmouth, VA, I had the opportunity to meet many exciting people on these gorgeous yachts that frequented the marina on their way to exotic places. As I learned about the dangers of modern day piracy along with the tales my nephew, who was in coast guard, told me about them a story of mystery and romance took hold. That story plays out in the trilogy of "Unforeseen Circumstances," "Compromises," and "Surrender." I joined this writing group full of new and experienced writers to grow my craft. That was the when my first short story of "Murder in the Name of Love" was written for Virginia is for Mysteries II.

 The story begins in a hotel at the Virginia beach oceanfront near the statue of King Neptune where our main suspect for a murder committed at Fort Monroe is residing. Our heroine, a burgeoning new mystery writer, works her way into his room to try and uncover the mystery if he truly is a murderer or just an unfortunate suspect. 

Debbiann now lives in Virginia Beach with her husband, having since moved off the boat and on to other exciting experiences. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook. She is in the process of co-writing a blog which will  have a slant to helping people by sharing life lessons to help with a variety of life experiences such as overcoming fear, living happy in a relationship, among other topics.