"Corked for Murder" by Teresa Inge

“CORKED FOR MURDER” is set on a main corridor in Chesapeake, Virginia, near the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.

In my story, wine shop owner Halee Matthews discovers the dead body of a bridesmaid in her wine room after hosting a wine tasting for a bridal party.

When Halee sets out to clear her name after being accused of murder, she discovers wine and a drunken bridal party make a perfect pairing for murder.

I based the story on a wine shop in the Hickory area of Chesapeake where locals shop and tourists stop in to buy wine on their way to the Outer Banks, a popular tourist attraction one hour away.

Teresa Inge

Teresa Inge grew up in North Carolina reading Nancy Drew mysteries. Today, she doesn’t carry a rod like her idol, but she hot rods. She assists two busy executives and is president of the Sisters in Crime Virginia Beach Chapter. Teresa is the author of “Shopping for Murder,” and “Guide to Murder in Virginia is for Mysteries, “Fishing for Murder” in the FishNets anthology and has coordinated anthologies. Visit Teresa on Facebook, Twitter, and www.teresainge.com.